Scheduling a Work Order for a Roadshow or Merchandising Event (Event Duration)


Scheduling a Work Order for a Roadshow or Merchandising Event (Event Duration)

Scheduling a Roadshow or a Merchandising requires you to select an Event Duration and a Start Date for your event.  Unlike scheduling a Product Demonstration, where you cherry pick the days you want to execute events, a Roadshow or Merchandising event typically runs consecutive days.  See below on how to schedule these types of Work Orders.

  1. From the Dashboard, click on the Create a Work Order button.
  2. Select the Roadshow or Merchandising Service for the event you’re scheduling and click on Next1.png
  3. Select the number and the duration (Day, Week or Month) at the top, under Event Duration, and then select one Start Date in the calendar. This start date will be the first date for the duration you selected.  In the example below, the roadshow is set for a 4 Day Duration, with a Start Date of February 6.  This means the work order will be scheduled for February 6-9. 2.png

Note: If you select multiple dates in the calendar, the system will schedule a 4 day event for EACH date you select.



  1. Select the Locations for your Start Date.3.png
    1. You can also type in or copy and paste a comma separated warehouse number list into the “Enter location numbers…” field. This will show you all the location found and invalid locations so you can correct your number.


  1. Select your Items by click on the + to the right of the item or double clicking on the item in the grid.
    1. You can search for your items by number, name or department in the Search field
    2. Added items will appear in the right-side grid
    3. Add the substitute item in the right-side grid by clicking on the Substitute Item link
    4. Remove an item by clicking on the Trash Can icon in either grid.
  2. To add a Split Partner and their items, click on the Add Split Partner link.5.png
  3. Finish your request by completing the Service Information and click on Submit
    1. Add your PO number
    2. Add your Demo Kit Items
    3. Add your Attachments for the event
    4. Add your Work Order Notes6.png

Note:  The request is sent to the Scheduling team and an email is sent to you confirming the Work Order Request was submitted. Once the event is approved, another confirmation email will be sent to you with the event details.


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